Student programme

Tanja Brzaković


Tanja Brzaković is a film director and scriptwriter. She was born in Belgrade and graduated from film and TV directing at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. Later she continued with graduate studies at University in Hamburg. She worked as assistant director and director in Belgrade, Hamburg and Berlin, as well as scriptwriter and lecturer. Due to her many years of experience, she had an opportunity to make 15 short fiction films and four feature-length documentary films. Her films were presented at international festivals throughout the world and earned several awards, including the 13th Street Shocking Short Award at the Festival in Munich 2002, silver award for German short-length film at Sehsüchte in Potsdam, Bergischer Filmpreis, Golden Knight at Palermo, “Peoples and Religions Award” at Trent, Festival of Ethnological Film in Belgrade and others. She is a member of European Film Academy (EFA). She lives and works both in Berlin and Belgrade.


Filmography: Scenes from the life of the mutt (2020) God’s will (2019), The Chinese will come (2018), Jovica and his teeth (2015), Jelena’s world (2018).




Ljiljana Gavrilović 


Ljiljana Gavrilović graduated at the Department of Ethnology of Philosophy Faculty in Belgrade, where she later also completed her Doctoral thesis in 1993. She worked in all institutions where an ethnologist-anthropologist may be professionally employed: the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade (1981-1999), the Ethnographic Institute of SASA (2002-2019) and Philosophy Faculty in Belgrade, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology (2013-2017). She retired in early 2020. She holds the highest professional rank (museum advisor, 1996), the highest science title (science advisor, 2012) and the academic rank of full professor (2017). She explored various fields of research: customary law, material culture, studying primary sources (especially visual), ethnographic museology and heritology. She even developed completely new fields in Serbian anthropological production, such as the studies of science fiction or (presently very popular) research of virtual/digital worlds and digital culture as a whole. She was involved in a number of projects financed by Ministry of Science and in several bilateral projects in the region, while she was also the project manager for several projects financed by Ministry of Culture and Information. Her work resulted in publishing nine independent books, more than a hundred scientific papers, participation in a number of national and international conferences, editorship of important publications and proceedings, as well as participation in editorial boards of scientific journals. 




Snježan Lalović


Snježan Lalović was born in 1960 in Sarajevo where he lived until the beginning of the Bosnian War. He moved from Sarajevo to Pale- a small municipality nearby. He was involved in creating Serbian radio and television service (currently known as RTRS- Radio Television of Republca Srpska) where he was employed later on as the editor of documentary program. He is the author of over 200 television reports and 30 documentaries for which he was awarded on many film and television festivals in Serbia, Russia, Greece, Hungary, China, Macedonia, Republic of Srpska and so on. He was appointed a director of Cinemateque of Republic of Srpska in 2018. He received a Master of Social Science.