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24th International Festival of Ethnological Film


6-11 October 2015



Regulations of the International Festival of Ethnological Film


Films for all the programs of the festival shall be selected by the Selection Committee
The right to enter the Festival is granted to all authors whose films meet the following criteria:


  • that it is a documentary film on the subject of ethnology and anthropology;

  • that the film has been produced no longer than three years preceding the Festival. The Festival Council and the Selection Committee may decide to present films made prior to this date;

  • that the film makes a scientific and research contribution to the field of ethnology and anthropology, yet showing the author's approach of distinctive artistic quality.

  • films that do not last longer than 75 minutes


Other film forms making a significant contribution to the treatment of anthropological and ethnological subjects may also be included in special programs.


The Festival entry fee is not charged.


Submission Guidelines

The submission commences on April 1, 2015. No entries received after June 10, 2015. will be taken into consideration.

If submitting more than one film, a separate entry form, a separate copy and the accompanying documentation must be submitted for each title.


No entries with incomplete documentation will be taken into consideration:


  • Fully completed entry form (word and online)  
    (hand-written entry forms will not be considered)

  • Preview copy of the film. Preview copies must be submitted on DVD only. Films in languages other than Serbian or English must be subtitled in English. Films in Serbian that have entered the competition program must also be subtitled in English.

  • A synopsis (maximum 200 characters with spaces)

  • Two film stills (minimum resolution 300 dpi)

  • A short biography of the author (maximum 200 characters with spaces)

  • Whether it is a student film

  • A complete cast/credits list (names of director, producer, screenplay writer, director of photography, editor, sound mixer, and details on music)

  • The envelope should clearly indicate that the copy is shipped for the cultural needs and has no commercial value. Otherwise the Festival cannot bear any additional customs charges.


A copy of the film on DVD, printed and signed entry form (only fully completed entry forms will be considered), and a CD with supporting materials are to be shipped to the following address:

Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade
For International Festival of Ethnological Film
Studentski trg 13, (PO Box 357)
11000 Belgrade, Serbia


The accompanying documentation of the film can be sent via email in the form of separate attachments to the address:


*Entry form (MS Word)



By July 15, 2014, authors whose films entered in the competition section of the Festival must send the following in electronic format:


  • a screening copy of the film (DVD or Blue Ray), subtitled in English.

  • a dialogue list in English

  • Promotional material for the film (optional)


The Festival can provide accommodation (bed and breakfast) in the course of events for a representative of the film selected for the Competition.


By signing the entry form, the copyright owner agrees in writing to be obliged to leave a copy of his/her film in the archives of the International Festival of Ethnological Film.


The copyright owner of the film, which has been selected for the Festival, is obliged to allow the free-of-charge screening at the Festival.


The copyright owner of the film, which has been selected, is obliged to allow use of up to 3 minutes of material from his/her film for promotional purposes in the media.


The copyright owner of the film is obliged to allow the film to be broadcasted in full length in non-commercial and educational programs for the presentation needs of the International Festival of Ethnological Film.


Upon the work of the Selection Committee is completed, films cannot be withdrawn from the Festival.


Festival program:

  • Competition

  • Informative program

  • Special programs


Programs Festival  plus:

  • Student Film

  • The competition ID3min

  • The films are evaluated by the International Festival Jury.
    The films Festival Plus evaluated by the Domestic Festival Jury.


Festival Awards include:

  • GRAND PRIX (plaque and prize money for the best film of the Festival)

  • Award for the best domestic film (award certificate and prize money)

  • Award for the best foreign film (award certificate and prize money)


Festival Plus  Awards include

  • Prize for the best student film (award certificate and prize money)

  • Prize for the best ID3min film (award certificate and prize money)


The Festival may grant scroll awards for contribution to film in the following categories:

  • Intangible Heritage

  • Camera

  • Music

  • Editing

  • Journalist Award

  • Audience Award


With the prior agreement of the Festival Council, other legal entities and individuals may grant their awards at the Festival.


If a prize is awarded to more than one laureate, the money is split evenly among them.


If, in the opinion of the jury, a satisfactory quality of the films is not achieved in a category, the Festival is not obliged to award the prize, and the funds envisaged for such prize are transferred to another category, according to the agreement of the jury and the organizers of the Festival.


By signing the Festival entry form, the participant confirms that he agrees to be bound by all the provisions of the Festival regulations.


Festival Regulations (PDF)


Entry form (MS Word)



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